1. Headline News
Your tweet needs to grab people’s attention, pretend you are writing a newspaper headline when you write your Twitter message.

2. Make people want follow you.
If you want to gain Twitter followers, you need to have interesting content. Try running competitions, offer business advice or introducing products and promotions.

3. Use Twitter like a pro
Take part in Twitter chats, respond to your followers, find hashtags or keywords related to your industry and offer your thoughts on a relevant topic. Engaging with people and topics will spread your name and brand.

4. Twitter Images
Use these image sizes for your Twitter account: Profile pic = 400 x 400pxCover photo: 1500 x 500px

Images used in tweets should be at least 440 x 220 px.
Tweets with images gather more interest and get more retweets.

5. 140 Characters
Using images and links take up a chunk of your character allowance. You can shorten your links with sites such as: Google url shortner. Remember that tweets with 70-100 characters have the highest engagement.

6. Scheduled Tweets
You can use sites like twuffer.com to automatically send your tweets at specific times, very handy when you’re busy serving customers or are away from the computer.

7. DM – Direct Messages
Use this feature with caution, it sends a private message to the recipient (like an email). Only send a DM to somebody you know or have a good Twitter relationship with, as it’s often seen as an invasion of privacy.

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